David Laramie, Ph.D.
Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Psychotherapy and Health Psychology
David Laramie's Office

What To Expect

Appointments are typically once per week and last for 50 minutes, though they may be adjusted depending on your needs. At your appointment, you and I will sit facing each other. All you have to do is say whatever is on your mind. I will be engaged and collaborative - not silent or aloof – but the focus will always be on you and your needs. As your therapist, I take very seriously my task of helping you feel safe and understood.

Regarding payment, I have a sliding scale, and we can discuss particulars when we talk. If you have insurance that covers mental health, I may be able to see you as an out-of network provider.

Finding a therapist can be intimidating. Let's talk and see if I'm the right one for you.
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